It never ceases to amaze me on just how many friends people really have when they think they don’t have any.

I have heard so many times lately that someone doesn’t think they have any friends. But yet when they have the need for support they are surrounded by people offering it.

I know I have friends…I know who they are…I know where they are…and most importantly I know how to reach them. I also know that sometimes I don’t have to ask for them, they just seem to show up.

I love my friends…I appreciate my friends…I support my friends…..and again most importantly, I include them all.

I bet if you think about, it you will realize you have just as many as I do. They may be your best friends, they may be good friends, they may be the friends you see when you’re out or they may be just an acquaintance. But they are your friends.

They like you or they love you, sometimes even both. LOL The point is they are friends, and if you think about it, your best friend was once an acquaintance, so really the potential is there.

I guess my thought for today is….everyone has someone else out in the world. If you have ever smiled at someone or waved at them, chances are it could happen again and perhaps they could be more.

Regardless, you do have someone, sometimes lots of someones. Acknowledge and appreciate them. Don’t forget to count them because I’m sure they are counting you, even if you don’t feel like they do.

Blessed Be,