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Good Day

I hope all is well you today. It was an eventful day. I got to spend time with 2 of my boys and their friends, filmed a video with my friend, made some cupcakes and messaged a nephew I don’t spend enough time with.

Not really a lot, but sometimes it doesn’t need to be a lot to be good.

I have plans to spend the morning with my husband tomorrow and see my sister-in-law that I don’t get to see enough of. I think tomorrow will be a good day too.

I just wanted to spend a few minutes with you today as well.

Please remember to spend a few minutes today thinking about people you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe give them a call, write them a letter or find them on your social network and let them know you still care and miss them.

Blessed Be and Thank You for Visiting with me today,


Greeting Friends, today is a bittersweet celebration. Quite a juxtaposition going on in my heart and that of my husband. I would suppose with many of my friend’s as well.

Today is the birthday of two of my dear friends.

The first is no longer here to celebrate with us. He passed last February and he would have been 49 today. I can see him in my mind from last year and the year before, doing his goofy dance and singing his goofy song. He was singing for himself and for his sister-in-law as they share the same day but on different years.

The second is his sister-in-law whom I may not have had the joy of meeting without him. She will be 50 today. We will be celebrating with her, both their friends and family and many others.

He will make his presence known… I’m sure of it. He always helps me sing his favorite song and I always feel him next to me. Tonight I hope his daughter will stand with us as well…we’ll see.

Anyhow tonight we celebrate. We celebrate the life that continues and the life that lives in our hearts and memories. This will be a difficult one for all of us as it is the first without the big teddy bear.

I hope we all make both of them proud and handle ourselves with dignity and respect. I know there will be tears but I hope not too many. I know there will be joy and I hope lots of it.

We cannot have and end without a beginning and we cannot have a beginning without an end. Treasure the people you have and never forget those that have already gone. Celebrate every day like you may not have a tomorrow and be the kind of person who will be remembered and loved when you are gone.

Blessed Be,

How are you today? I hope all is well where you are.

It was a winter wonderland today as I went to my appointment. The snow was falling with such grace. So lightly touching on my windshield as I drove past each one, with the lucky few letting me see the internal workings of mother nature at her very best.

I know many of you were grumbling at the slippery roads making it difficult to pull out from where you were to where you wanted to go. But still….it was beautiful.

Have you ever really stopped to look at a snowflake since you became an adult?? I have. They are just as amazing as when you were little.

Don’t you think its an amazing act of the divine that one tiny little frozen droplet of water can form into a never to be repeated six sided sculpture??

And to top it off…gazillions of those sculptures group together to blanket nature with inches and sometimes feet of snow.

Snow to slid on, snow to pile up to make forts, snow to snowboard or ski on, snow to shovel, snow to gripe about, snow to put in a cup and pour blue raspberry syrup on, snow to melt to drink when you have no water, snow to dig a shelter when you are lost on cold night, snow to melt in the spring to keep our water tables full.

Do you kinda see where I’m goin with this? I hope so.

Nature is a wonderful mother, a kind mother. She can be a mean mother and she can be a fun mother. She can be all of those things and we really need to appreciate all she does for us because she has a purpose.

So, this time of year, when the weather is getting you down, please stop and look at a snowflake…just one little snowflake and see the wonder of our Earth.

She is here to amaze us and to protect us.

Blessed Be,

It never ceases to amaze me on just how many friends people really have when they think they don’t have any.

I have heard so many times lately that someone doesn’t think they have any friends. But yet when they have the need for support they are surrounded by people offering it.

I know I have friends…I know who they are…I know where they are…and most importantly I know how to reach them. I also know that sometimes I don’t have to ask for them, they just seem to show up.

I love my friends…I appreciate my friends…I support my friends…..and again most importantly, I include them all.

I bet if you think about, it you will realize you have just as many as I do. They may be your best friends, they may be good friends, they may be the friends you see when you’re out or they may be just an acquaintance. But they are your friends.

They like you or they love you, sometimes even both. LOL The point is they are friends, and if you think about it, your best friend was once an acquaintance, so really the potential is there.

I guess my thought for today is….everyone has someone else out in the world. If you have ever smiled at someone or waved at them, chances are it could happen again and perhaps they could be more.

Regardless, you do have someone, sometimes lots of someones. Acknowledge and appreciate them. Don’t forget to count them because I’m sure they are counting you, even if you don’t feel like they do.

Blessed Be,

Have you ever been in a funk?? You know, when you want to do something…you really need to do something…but you just find excuses not to? I have been having a hard time trying to figure out why, because I used to have a 60+ hour a week job and was a workaholic. I actually had a hard time leaving the office. Not because I didn’t want to go home, because I really did, but because I just couldn’t stop.

Now that I’m no longer there I sometimes feel I have no purpose, even though I do. My purpose is working for myself and my family. Why on earth would that be less important to me than working for someone else??? I don’t know. Am I crazy??? What is wrong with me??? Am I the only one that has ever had this problem and how do I get rid of it?? Do you know what I mean??

Well that is where I am. I don’t want to think that is where I am, or that is what I am doing, but…here I am. Actually, I do know what the problem is, and no one wants to realize this about themselves, but what are you gonna do when it’s staring you in the face? I am depressed. There, I said it, and no one with white jackets have crashed thru my patio door. Whew!!

Have any of you been here, or think that it’s a possibility for you?? It could be. I lost a very big part of my life that was woven into who I am. I also lost some very dear friends this last year and the hole in my heart is immense. I can’t imagine that being my spouse, father or mother. I lost my familiar this year as well, he was with me for 16 years. If you have had any kind of loss in your life, this could be happening to you as well. Think about it. It’s possible.

Well, now that I understand my problem, that is half the cure. I think I’ll put some herbs together to see if I can’t give myself a little push out of the hole I’m in. (If you think you need medical advice on this please see your favorite physician.) In the mean time I will set myself some very small goals so when I achieve them I will be able to pat myself on the back. It might be a good thing for you to try as well. What do you think??

As I write this and re-read this, I am realizing that my old job was not woven into who I was…I was woven into my job. I made my job a great job and a wonderful place to be because I am who I am. I had the best staff because I was a good leader and I was a good leader because I had good staff and a great supervisor. Life is a give and take, and I’m a giver, so I better get back to it. Who are you and what have you made better by being you??

My husband, the wonderful man he is has been out in this sub zero weather 4 times today to help his mother with her water and here I sat thinking about what to do first. So I got my mirror out, put my makeup on, and told myself to set some goals! Did you know that you listen to yourself the best when you look in the mirror?

So for all of you that are feeling this same way, I challenge you to do one thing today, if possible, but tomorrow at the latest, that you said you were going to do but have been putting it off. Set your timer for 15 or 30 minutes and do it. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!!! Or tell me and I’ll pat you on the back!! Then do it again the next day and the next day until you just automatically do it. When you are ready, add another thing and so on.

I would like to thank you all for being here, I’ll be back again tomorrow. Please let me know if any of this rings true for you. Let me know if I helped anyone else out there who has lost themselves somewhere along the way, because you sure helped me. I miss giving advice, even if it’s to myself.

Blessed be and thank you,

PS This is me patting myself on the back for finishing this today!!


This weekend was just what I needed. I didn’t know I needed it, but there it was, letting me know that I am on the right path, doing the right things, with the right people, at the right time. There we all were, shopping for goodies, catching up on what we have missed, drinking paisley drinks (or whatever), talking smack about whoever needed it the most and realizing that these days do not happen enough. Nor do they last long enough, but there you have it. That is the way it always is & always will be. That is the reason you hold tight to the people you cherish, you memorize every word they speak and every line of their face. Hopefully you do this with everyone you love no matter how often you see them.

We had our celebration to initiate the newest member of the Moon Shadow Coven and it was wonderful. Because we are not bound by a strict set of rules, this was just a formality, but we would certainly never go without it, (really who would pass up a reason to get dressed up and scare the neighbors) but in our hearts he had already been one of us since the day I brought him to meet everyone. I think he was a bit worried he would say or do something wrong, but with us there is never a wrong way to do anything. I think that is what keeps us together despite the distance. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and we embrace both of them. Those things make us who we are and we embrace each trait and compliment the others with our own. We are Friends, we are a Coven, we are a Family and I appreciate every one of them more than I could ever explain.

Well it has been a while. Sorry folks but you can’t always argue with a brain injury. Our lives have taken many turns in the last few months. I retired from what I thought was my life’s work, I lost my beloved Familiar Angus, took an unexpected trip to Texas with my parents (who by the way are very old & I’m very fortunate to still have them) & started a new venture to open my own business again.

Yup, you read me right, I’m gonna start an online witch store, then on to an actual physical store. I’m gonna have all things witchy along with things from other religions and whatever you think you may need me to stock. I think I just may start to make some costumes to rent again. I really miss that. This time I may throw in a lot more things for some of our festivals and other fun stuff.

My Covenmate Tarot Tidal helped me make my own website and all the really cool tech stuff that goes with it. I will keep you all informed and let you know what bat channel and what bat time.
Thanks for checking me out.

Well, once again we are done with darts for the year. Oh we still have the league party next week, & our team party next Saturday, but you know how it is…you see people sometimes only that one time per week… hear what went on in their lives for the past week… look forward to going even on the coldest nights cuz you know you will see your friends. Good friends…great friends…best friends…dart friends….past friends…sometimes new friends & sometimes not so much friends.

But you go cuz no matter what, you love the people, you love the game, you love to win, you hate to lose, you like to see everyone, you like to listen to them talk about their lives, you love to see their kids & grandkids grow up. You laugh & you cry with them. You hope you will see them between now & when you start again next year. You may or may not….but you know what I have found??? When you do see them next year…no matter how long it’s been…you are right back like you never missed a breath. How cool is that???

I often wonder, is this the way it is for every league of any type? I hope it is, cuz it feels good to spend the night laughing til you have to pee, maybe drinking a little too much, eating too many bags of chips or making up new words to the songs that are played on the jukebox. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Wednesday nights…sometimes my husband comes along, but most nights I have the girls all to myself. I can’t wait til next year!!!!!

Love ya all & miss you already ❤

I recently lost a good friend. What do you say??? What do you say his wife…what do you say to his children…what do you say to your husband…we all lost the same man. But was he really the same man to each of us? I don’t think so…

He was Gordy…the man of many faces.. He was smart & knew more than I will ever forget. His vision was not the best anymore but could see better than many of us…..he could talk you thru all the steps for changing the carburetor on just about any vehicle still on the road, including farm equipment & not even need it in front of him. He knew everything there was to know about the Trouble one can have with Tribbles as well as what the Farengi war dance would look like if they had one.

He was a big ol’ teddy bear that you just couldn’t help but hug. Don’t get me wrong…I had no problem smackin’ him when he needed it. He could make you laugh & make you want to strangle him at the same time. He would fall asleep during the best part of a movie…even at the theater then tell you it wasn’t him snoring.

He was the person you called when you needed someone….when my husband needed someone….when anyone needed something. He was the first in line to give you a hand & the last one left when he thought you needed someone to stay.

He was a good father…husband….brother & friend….

He was & is my friend & I miss him…..

Friends & stuff

Welcome back,
I had to shoot a make-up game for darts tonight & complained all the way there as the weather was worse tonight than on the night the other team didn’t want to drive. Karma….It catches everyone. Even me…

So my partner & I did not win all of our games, I think we won the night though. We both had to leave when we were done playing so I don’t know if we won the money game. So that was my big karma kick.

I will say that I did have a great time, I got to see my team along with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while…see if I didn’t have to drive tonight, (we usually play on Wed) to play this game, I would not have seen those friends at all for probably another several months.

Well I just wanted to tell you that even though you have to do something that you don’t want to do, it sometimes does pay ten fold to do it anyway.

I hope you all have a wonderful week…stay safe 🙂


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